Trizzano produces exclusively in Portugal, therefore the origin of the used Cork and other natural and recycled raw materials is predominantly in this area.


Focusing historically on cork, and recently broadened to include other sustainable input materials – some natural, some post-industrial, some post-consumer – but, all sustainable.


We have developed and perfected numerous manufacturing innovations that we use: compression molding, color infusion of cork, flexible concrete surfacing, metallic pigmentation, and others.  If you seek sustainability and innovation… you found it!


Trizzano serves product designers and large-scale retail distributors alike by providing manufacturing and/or turn-key product development. We seamlessly fit where your needs align.

Trizzano brings clients bespoke manufacturing dreams to reality. 

About Trizzano I senses of nature

Above all, Trizzano is a service-oriented company that fulfills our customer’s wishes, whether it is design, manufacturing, or a mix of both. Together with our client we work on projects from the first twinkle of an idea through the development and prototyping process until the product is ready for  the market.  We take ‘sustainability’ seriously, incorporating it into cork and other the raw materials we use (ALL are natural, recycled, or processed in such a way to provide environmental value), and how we operate both on a manufacturing and more holistic social level.

Trizzano was born in Portugal, from the parent company Muratto, with the idea of converting the simple or even extravagant ideas of our customers into real products. Trizzano relies on this expertise and production capacity of a globally established company to meet the specific needs of designers, architects, well-known brands or start-ups.

Our knowledge in cork and the other numerous materials and technologies allows us to develop different products for diverse applications: homeware, tableware, kids’ collections, decoration items, furniture, surface coverings, …


The brand Trizzano was already born with nature and sustainability in mind. Seeing product waste, pollution, and over-flowing landfills, we analyzed our skillset and area of passion, and decided to focus solely of creating products with environmental ‘value’ – re-using by-product from other operations, creating products that spur environmental discussions, and trying to create products with lasting value.  We see sustainability is a global concern today, and we are hoping to do our part in making designers’ designs and products for resellers that give them a leg up in their sustainability mission(s).

Whenever the development of a new product begins, we focus on the entire creative process – from the raw material selection, to the manufacturing methodologies employed, to the life-cycle and disposal of our materials after their useful life.  We believe that seeing the ‘end-goal’ is an essential part to figuring out the most sustainable first steps.

We produce exclusively in Portugal and believe strongly in the ethics and value of European production – both with technological innovation, but also with some of the strictest environmental guidelines that exist globally.  It is probably an understatement to say that the Trizzano team is committed to a sustainable world, but it is what we live and breathe. TRIZZANO Senses of Nature.

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